MTE Performance Mapping

For over 15 years we cooperate with MTE Performance Sweden when it comes to tuning Volvo's.

One of the many differences with MTE software comes from the fact that the engineers behind it have on average 20-25 years of experience designing and programming engine management in-house at the original vehicle manufacturer. Most tuners are from the beginning mechanics that develop an interest for "chip tuning" and try to master the complex art of engine software calibration. MTE' engineers were on the team that designed engine management system and software from the beginning and thus has a far more complete understanding of how the ECUs "think". It is so much more than just a fuel map, boost map and an ignition map.
On average the newer Bosch-engine management systems have around 15 - 20000 tunable parameters. About 100+ of these need precise optimizing to deliver a perfect tune, and they need to be changed in such a way that they will all coordinate in the same direction providing a smooth and yet powerful engine character.

It is crucial to know which of all the 20.000 parameters to change and which to leave alone. It is also of outmost importance to know in which direction and how much to modify each given parameter. Ambient conditions such as temperature, humidity, altitude are crucial to take into account when optimizing an engine's management system software.
To achieve this you need the right tools, the know-how, the IQ and the patience to research, modify and analyze the engine and software until a satisfactory engine character is reached. Knowing these facts it is easy to understand that it is very rare to find a tuner like MTE who masters the EMS this well.
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MTE Performance Mapping
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